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Triada Engineering Ltd was founded in 1990 with main business activities in design, manufacture and metal structures assembly. The company has been closely specializing manufacture of space frames, representing a major part of the completed roofing structures.
Apart from space frames the company has also been manufacturing conventional metallic structures for industrial and public buildings, such as plane frames, frameworks and unique constructions for some small architectural forms.
Another tendency of the company's marketing policy is the delivery and the assembly of roof- and wall panels (PUR panels), which are needed for the construction of trading and industrial buildings. The panels with polyesther- and PVC cover are especially appropriate for facing the walls of food industry's buildings.
The following Triada engineering's manufacturing facilities are now available: machine shops, assembly shops and sheltered warehouses. The main production facility has been pretty well equipped with all necessary machines, needed for production of metal structures and products. Apart from the manpower staff, there is also instantly operating design and technological department available at Triada engineering. "Triada engineering" is certified by the quality management system ISO 9001 and Factory Production Control system according to Construction products regulation CPR 305/2011/EU.
  Office: Montana, 1 Peio Yavorov blvd., Business center "Ogosta", 5-th floor
telephone: +359 96 300 990, 301 097, 306 343, fax: +359 96 300 270
Production facility: Montana, 38a Industrialna str.
telephone: +359 96 305 392
Metal store: Montana, 46 Industrialna str.
telephone: +359 96 306 181
GPS coordinates: 43,408953 N, 23,227813 E